Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hair is just an accessory...

Dear Cancer-

Two weeks after my last Chemo in March, I went to Cleveland, Ohio. I was finally allowed to fly, and not worry about blood clots from meds. Now, I got looks before while sporting a bald head, but apparently people that frequent airports don’t see women without hair.  After getting a bit annoyed at the looks, I threw on my 1920’s Jean Harlow hat, and went to the bathroom.  I took one look at myself, and laughed. No hair, eyebrows, or lashes, isn’t exactly normal.  So what goes best with no hair?  Crazy red lip stick of course! When my friend Anna picked me up, her little girl Stella said, “Miss Candice, you’re bald headed like my Daddy! I like your lip stick.”    

This week, I got my first haircut since my hair has returned. I hoped in the car, looked in the mirror, and laughed again.  My memory went back to the airport bathroom.  Only this time I saw hair, brows and lashes. Hair is truly, just an accessory.


No hair any where...

My first hair cut...


  1. Candice I haven't seen you since highschool.. but your story is flying through the facebook pages of our graduating class. You are absolutely amazing.. and to think of the things we find a big deal every day you put it to shame and you do it absolutely beautifully!! Keep fighting. You inspire me :)

    Kristin Covel

  2. Love the cut!! You look fabulous always :-)