Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pink Shit

Dear Cancer-

One of the most beautiful images I’ve seen is the sun setting behind the Alaska snow capped mountains.  Driving home was like driving into a painting every day. It’s funny, but that’s when I learned to love pink.  It looked like God put the mountains to bed every night with a fluffy pink blanket.  The other day I heard a woman say, “I’m sick of this pink shit,” in response to pink ribbons during October. I just smiled. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming with a pink ribbon on every product you buy lately, but at the same time, is that really something to be upset about? Pink doesn’t only remind me of Alaska Mountains, Molly Ringwald 80’s movies, or baby girls. It reminds me of an extraordinary group of women raising awareness of you. So, I’ll continue to smile when I see pink ribbons, and I’ll even sport some obnoxious pink outfits from time to time. “Pink shit,” is nothing to get upset about.

Pretty in Pink-


  1. I so agree! Cody is sick of "pink shit" too, but I don't care! Love ya!

  2. I am really inspired to see and hear your story. I lost my aunt to breast cancer 3 years ago October 12th. I still miss her and am so emotional during the month of October and everytime something reminds me of her. Your strength and courage has strengthened me. I hate cancer but I love "pink shit" in fact I don't think its enough of it on display and it should be on display and available all the time not just in October. I don't know you but I love you C. Pink Kisses and Pink Hugs to you!